Get Connected to the
Internet of Things  

The essence of the information age business is to create, distribute and manage infomation. Individuals, businesses, virtual and real world devices must be connected seamlessly and securely to allow efficient and up to date data analysis and utilisation. Modern End2End solutions provide exceptional improvements in business process integration, but at the same time create a demand for fully engineered complex IT solutions.  MicroDoc can help you find your way and implement services that are connected to the cloud, run on your desktop, your mobile phone, your car and or a vast variety of mobile devices including sensors and attenuators.


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Why choose MicroDoc?

MicroDoc is a technology oriented software development business and a member of the Data Respons Group.

We have built reputation and trust in our long running customer engagements and helped numerous clients to reach their IT goals by helping them find the right technology that is cost effective and future proof.

When you plan to extend your IT systems into the mobile space or connect to the Internet of Things, you'll need a partner, who not only understands your business needs but is also capable of managing the complex technology that is needed in today's heterogeneous environments. MicroDoc can be your ideal partner no matter what industry you are in. Working with us means: friendly and competent staff, effective planning, up to date development methodologies, quality oriented implementations and long term maintainability.

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