MicroDoc/Oracle Graal VM™

MicroDoc is a source code licensee of Oracle’s GraalVM and has the unique ability to bring this advanced runtime technology to the embedded space.

MicroDoc/Oracle Graal VM™

MicroDoc is a source code licensee of Oracle’s GraalVM™ and has the unique ability to bring this advanced runtime technology to the embedded space.

GraalVM is the “next level” technology that allows the execution of code written in multiple programming languages in the same safe and secure virtual runtime environment. You can run Java, Kotlin, Scala, JavaScript, Ruby, R, Python and even C/C++ code at the same time in a protected, shared environment.

In addition to the so called “polyglot” capabilities, GraalVM also offers a unique feature that allows you to build compiled native executables from Java code. This technology allows for drastically improved startup time, more deterministic runtime behavior and, depending on your application, may reduce footprint and resource usage. These advantages are useful in the cloud and on servers, but they are also essential for many embedded applications. This is why MicroDoc has worked with Oracle to create a GraalVM Embedded™ offering.

Custom platforms and platform ports

We are happy to create custom versions of the products for your platforms. Smaller adoptions include support for other C-libraries and toolchains, but also full platform ports to other processor architectures and operating system can be done. Please contact our embedded experts for details.

Licensing and Support

MicroDoc/Oracle GraalVM Embedded is a commercial product. The technology is licensed to “device manufacturers” on a “per device” basis. The lifetime of the license is coupled to the lifetime of the individual device. A “device manufacturer” is a company that integrates the GraalVM Embedded product into a solution/product that contains hardware and/or software created or integrated by the company.

We offer “version locked licenses”, a model that is perfectly suited to embedded use-cases. The license is granted for the entire individual device lifetime and there are no recurring fees, just a one-time payment per device. Optional support plans for “version locked” licenses can include the delivery of stability or security fixes for the licensed product version and we offer custom SLAs tailored to your needs. Version upgrades to purchased licenses are not included in this model.

We also offer a model called “maintained license” which allows you to upgrade to the latest level of our product at any time, including devices that have already been deployed. “maintained license” have a mandatory support plan with annual payments for all licensed devices.

Custom platform support plans and support for platform ports may also include NRE cost for new product releases (re-porting fees).

Long term support agreements can be provided for high volume projects or under special conditions.


The content of this document is carefully edited and reflects the current terms of the licensing business. Anything in this document is subject to change without notice. Any binding agreement between a customer and MicroDoc requires a mutually signed contract in writing. MicroDoc does not accept any liability for erroneous or incomplete statements.

Java™ and Java related trademarks as well as GraalVM™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates.

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The latest on Graal VM

Graal VM™ – the Swiss Army knife of virtual machines

MicroDoc is introducing GraalVM to the embedded world. It is the Swiss Army knife of virtual machines. It can accelerate the startup of applications like a car’s rear view camera with more than a factor of 10. Furthermore it hosts multiple programming languages at the same time, can reduce memory usage dramatically, and frees you from taking care of complex software infrastructure issues.

New virtual machine for the cars of tomorrow

Cars are quickly converting into cyber centres on wheels, and buyers expect new features to be introduced just as fast as in their smartphones and consumer electronics. That puts tremendous pressure on car manufacturers. To relieve some of the pressure MicroDoc is now introducing GraalVM embedded, a virtual machine allowing for faster development cycles while retaining the stability and longevity required by the auto industry.

The “One VM” Concept – towards the holy grail

Would it be fair to say that the GraalVM is a step closer to the holy grail of polyglot programming? Yes, according to the virtual machine experts from MicroDoc. Here’s an overview of what the GraalVM can do for software developers.

Even small devices deserve a great interface

For devices that are not powerful enough to run a full feature browser or Android system, MicroDoc is developing a user interface framework directly integrated with the Graal virtual machine. Why? Because the number of small devices is increasing dramatically, and although they may be small and low powered they still deserve an up-to-date user interface.