A cool working environment for smart people

The MicroDoc team is composed of highly skilled professionals from more than 10 different countries. We are benefitting from a variety of cultural and educational backgrounds and are prepared to do business with an international customer base. The team is carefully balanced between seasoned professionals with multi-year experience and young aspiring engineers who are looking for challenges and personal improvement.

Modern Working Environment

Top quality hardware and software is used to provide best of breed tools for our employees. Spacious offices with only two places per room ensure a quiet working environment for efficient development. Formal and informal meeting space is provided to step out of the office and discuss with colleagues and clients.


"Life long learning" is a key concept in MicroDoc's human ressource strategy. We encourage our staff to learn and expand their technical knowledge as well as their personal and social skills. Internal education projects are complemented by external courses and seminars.


Any employee can apply for individual financial support for sporting or fitness activities since we believe that sport is a great way to maintain a healthy work-life balance. In addition to the "sport support program", we have formed some sport teams that take part in public events.

Team Triathlon

2012 3MUC Triathlon Releay Teams (the "Youngsters" and the "Old Guys")

Team Marathon

The MicroDoc Marathon Relay Team has successfully participated in a couple of races and we have seen some really impressive results for half- and full marathons by some of our staff.

Team Building

Our annual "MicroDoc Day" event brings our whole team together. People from Munich, Berlin and Stuttgart as well as our "road warriors" usually meet for 2 days once a year. Day one is "business" - a retrospective of the past year and outlook to the upcoming year as well as an introduction to new technologies. Day two is "fun" - hiking, biking, sailing... what ever comes to our mind. In 2012, we gathered for our "Summer Camp" on the shores of the beautiful Bodensee for a sailing trip with 3 big racing yachts


Mid January, staff interested in Wintersports meet for a long weekend at the "MicroDoc Winter Camp"