Self Service Systems


MicroDoc has been working in the self-service domain since 1993. We have developed systems for several airlines, transportation and financial  customers.

Software for self service devices requires a different design and development approach compared to "normal" interactive client applications. The UI needs to be extremely intuitive and the flow of action must be easy to understand. Error handling and error recovery demands are much higher than in desktop systems. A nice example of our domain knowledge is our long running cooperation with Lufthansa - where we have built the software for many generations of different POS and Service Terminals.

Complex self service systems like ticketing or check-in terminals often communicate with a number of "external devices" such as touch screens, PIN pads, special printers, card readers etc. In addition, they tend to communicate with one or more backend systems (backoffice applications, transactional systems). With all that complexity, the UI still has to be reactive at all times to give the customer/user the feeling of immediate response on whatever input he/she makes. The result of such requirements is a fairly demanding software system, which can best be implemented using object oriented technology.

Self Service Systems usually run unattended and need to be equipped with remote administration and maintenance facilities. MicroDoc developed remote monitoring and administration solutions for a variety of self service devices. MicroDoc was part of the development team of Wincor Nixdorf (former Siemens Nixdorf) ProView - a distributed managing system for multi-vendor self service devices (ATMs, account statement printers etc.).








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