Quality Assessments and Quality Assurance

With a 20+ years experience in the banking and finance domain, MicroDoc has learned a lot about complex software systems and inherent product quality problems.

Large scale software projects are often developed for many years. Multiple generations of developers with non-uniform skills and coding styles implement complex business systems, which are often tested with too few automated test cases and manual end-to-end testing scenarios. How can you make sure that such a codebase is really fit for production and even more important for long term maintainability?

Internal quality assurance groups are important, in particular when it comes to business functions and usability. But an outside view on the project and its codebase is often very helpful.

MicroDoc takes a rigorous approach and examines the codebase itself under strict engineering assessment criteria. Even though tool based analysis is usually fast and precise, skilled engineers are needed to interpret the tooling results and suggest practical and non-invasive changes to the codebase.

Our offering includes

  • definition, categorization and risk analysis of findings in your codebase
  • best practice documentation for your engineers
  • individual workshops for your development teams

If you face software quality problems MicroDoc can help with our experience in optimizing development processes and introducing concepts for continuous integration and automatic testing. According to your needs our offerings start with workshops to empower your development teams and end with the development of a fully-featured continuous integration system that fits to your needs.

Included topics are

  • continuous (staged) builds to get runnable, integrated software at every time
  • continuous inspection to get an up-to-date inside view in your codebase
  • continuous deployment to be sure that the newly built software runs on all target platforms
  • introducing methodology of test-driven-development to get test-friendly code with high test coverage for maintainable code
  • continuous testing with different testing layers to assure the correctness of existing and new functionality of your software
  • building quality gates to assure integration and cooperation of external systems and supplies
  • automation whenever possible so that your engineers are able to focus on the real challenges of your domain

Our goal is to empower you to get high-quality, maintainable, long-living software.

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