Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Platfrom diversity is one of the major challenges in mobile application development today. The major mobile platforms are all closed, proprietary (iOS, Windows) and incompatible with each other and the classical desktop world.

MicroDoc has experience in the development of portable mobile frontends as well as in native solutions on the current major platforms. Here are some interesting examples:

Portable HTML5 / JavaScript

We implemented a JavaScript/HTML5 Frontend sales support application for a group of German shoe retailers. The app can be used on mobile devices (such as the iPad) and also works on a classic desktop browser.


We are currently working on a custom Android implementation based on the AOSP. The customer needs a system that runs under the control of a particular application and needs to control the lifecycle of apps outside the scope of standard Android.


We created an iOS application for our customer FleetBoard, which allows to locate and manage a fleet of trucks equipped with the FleetBoard telematics devices. The solution was featured in an article in the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" - one of Germany's major newspapers.


Windows Mobile / Windows CE

FleetBoard DispoPilot
This multi platform solution was built for Daimler Fleetboard, a subsidiary of Daimler AG dedicated to create state of the art fleet management and telematics solutions.

GK Software Custom Platform
Together with GK Software AG, we created a custom runtime platform for the GK product line that extends SAP to the mobile computing world. This version has some application specific optimizations i.e. improved performance for compressed file access, non standard keys support for a variety of target devices and a platform dependent feedback mechanism.

Quality Assurance

Many customers who use Windows Mobile or Windows CE based systems are struck by the complexity of mobile solutions. Power consumption, ressource requirements, network outages, system stability and other factors contribute to the challenges that make mobile software a lot more complex to build. We have helped a number of customers to solve critical problems, which showed up only while the software was already in pilot or pre-release phase. By instrumenting the VM, we could quickly track individual problems down to the source and help to get the application productive in time.