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Who we are.

MicroDoc is a software business serving an international customer base. Since 1991 MicroDoc has grown into a technology oriented software engineering and professional services company. Our focus on complex software technology and software infrastructure made us a well respected partner for large corporations and even for other software businesses.

Since 2016 MicroDoc belongs to the Data Respons Group

Rather than focussing on a specific business domain, MicroDoc has specialized in solving challenging software problems, which require in depth knowledge of end-to-end technology and business scenarios (including mainframe computer, networks, desktops, mobile devices and embedded systems). Operating from three offices in Germany (Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart), we serve customers from a variety of business domains: automotive, self service systems, telecommunication, utilities and financial services mainly. With cutting edge technology solutions, MicroDoc competes on the world wide market for modern integrated IT systems and serves customers in Europe, the USA, South America and Asia.

Our international engineering team is composed of highly skilled professionals from 10 different countries. Very low employee fluctuation proves that MicroDoc provides a top of the notch working environment and many opportunities for technical education and personal development. The team structure is a carefully selected mix of experienced senior experts augmented by younger aspiring developers. Ever changing customer requirements make working at MicroDoc a challenging but likewise interesting and rewarding experience.

A flat management structure and minimal administrative overhead helps us to stay dynamic while the company keeps its steady growth. We accept our responsibility as a member of the software community and as an employer in our society. MicroDoc supports initiatives for sustainabiliy and the protection of our environment.

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Management Team



Dr. Christian Kuka
Managing Director

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