MicroDoc elected to be IBM’s Worldwide Best Performance Business Partner – Collaboration Solutions

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MicroDoc has been selected as the winner of IBMs prestigious award, “Worldwide Best Performance Business Partner – Collaboration Solutions”. The announcement was made at IBMs Connect2017 Conference in San Francisco in February.

Managing Director at MicroDoc, Hans Kamutzki explains that the company has worked closely with IBM since 1995. – Initially IBM licensed a MicroDoc product which was integrated into a number of IBM solutions and MicroDoc established a good relationship with the IBM Software Development Labs in Raleigh NC, Kamutzki. – After porting the solution to Java, MicroDoc was elected to be the first business partner in Europe to get an OEM License for IBM’s Embedded Java product line in 2000. Since then, MicroDoc has established itself as the leading supplier for IBM embedded Java technology on an international scale and has helped to establish IBM’s products in particular in the auto industry, Kamutzki continues.
In 2015, MicroDoc already received the “IBM Regional Solution Software Business Partner Best Seller Award” and has since then further expanded the business to become IBM’s best performing business partner for collaboration solutions on the planet.

Since Sept 2016, MicroDoc is part of the Data Respons Group (www.datarespons.com). “MicroDoc has buildt up a strong and prosperous partner relationship with IBM that has produced outstanding results for both parties, says Data Respons CEO, Kenneth Ragnvaldsen. – We are proud to see MicroDoc achieve this recognition, he continues.

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