IBM Websphere Everyplace Custom Environment

IBM® WebSphere® Everyplace® Custom Environment is a runtime environment for the deployment of embedded applications

If your application needed a Java 1.42 langauge level, does not need to be officially JavaME(TM) compliant or needs additional flexibility when it comes to the class libraries – an IBM WebSphere Everyplace Custom Environment (WECE) is an natural choice.

The VMs are technically almost identical to the older JavaME(TM) version but fully customizable class libraries allow you to taylor minimum footprint and maximum performance. We offer WECE setups for the follwing platforms “out of the box”:

  • Processor Platform: x86, ARM/XScale, SH4, MIPS32, PowerPC
  • Operating Systems: WinCE 4.2, 5.0, 6.0, Windows Mobile 2003, WM5, WM6, Windows XP (Embedded), Chorus, Linux, QNX, OSE

The class library configurations is usually “jclMax”, a standard set by IBM, which is sort of a slightly expanded CDC/Foundation. Please contact us for details about jclMax or the class library of your choice. We can also offer class sets that are extensions of MIDP and a variety of other UI options like eSWT, SWT, AWT and a high performance proprietary component window model called MDWidgets, that runs without an OS supported Window Manager.

If you don’t find a platform combination that fits your needs, please ask us for a version that matches your requirements. As a porting partner it is our objective to provide you with a runtime that will run on your platform.

If you have designed your application to run with the older JavaME(TM), we can usually supply a WECE profile that can host your apps as well.
Please note that WECE runtimes may not be officially referred to as being JavaME(TM) or Java(TM) since they are not TCK compliant.


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