MicroDoc Barracuda

Barracuda is a framework for creating 4GL runtime environments. As such Barracuda is capable of running programs written in a legacy  programming language on a standard J2EE based application server using a browser aware rich thin client.

Barracudas first implementation runs programs written in JPL using the Prolifics Panther 4GL environment giving you tremendous benefits:

  • Existing programs can run mostly unmodified
  • J2EE environment offers state of the art integration options like web services, JDBC connectivity and Web interface.
  • Standard J2EE operation environment like your preferred AppServer and your preferred operating systems
  • New functions can be implemented using JPL and/or Java
  • Rich thin client offers incommensurable  ease of use
  • Plugin architecture allows integration and development of new functions, like office integration, across the platform

Barracuda consist of 3 main components

  • Barracuda Server
  • Barracuda Client
  • Barracuda IDE 

Barracuda Server

The Barracuda Server features a plugin based architecture. Target language capabilities are provided by pluggable server components called SCOMs.   As an example the Database SCOM adds new, database and JPL specific APIs to the system while internally using JDBC and DataSource APIs. 

In order to achieve the best performance possible, and this is more important on a server than it is on a client, Barracuda implements a highly efficient JIT (just in time compiler) that translates target programs to Java Byte Code on the fly and also applies optimization to the code.

Barracuda client

The Barracuda client can be run as a stand alone application via Java Webstart or in a browser using applet technology. Like the server the Barracuda client is based on a modular architecture the can be extended using plugins. One example of such a plugin is the integration of locally installed Office application. 

Unlike standard web applications the Barracuda client offers a level of ergonomics comparable to a desktop application.


Since all application logic runs on the server special attention has been paid to the efficiency of the network protocol. But being fast is only one of the important aspects. Being standard-compliant, firewall aware and push capable are other equally important features.

The result is the Barracuda transport protocol, an extremely fast, layered implementation that also supports incremental updates.

Customer benefits

Barracuda brings your JPL Panther application in todays infrastructure, opens new interfaces and builds the foundation to successfully enhance your solution in JPL, Java or other JVM compatible languages.

But Barracuda is more than an enhanced version of Panther. If you are interested in running your language on top of a JVM please contact us.

Contact us at +49-89-551-969-0 (CET Timezone) or here: Contact