Enterprise Systems

MicroDoc has 20+ years experience in building software infrastructure for enterprise systems ranging from classical transaction based applications to e-commerce solutions. 

Our expertise is the technical foundation for these programs including frameworks for GUI, business logic, business processes, transaction processing and integration of various (legacy) systems like mainframes and (relational) databases.  For this we mostly use Java(TM) based technologies like JEE, OSGi and according Open Source components.

When building these systems for potentially hundreds of thousand concurrent users, special attention must be paid to resource consumption, performance, error detection,  reporting and robustness; all of which is part of our expertise. For us it has been a very interesting experience to learn, that these requirements are very similar to those in the embedded world.

With the rise of the Cloud and Mobile Computing enterprise systems face a number of new complex challenges. Business processes that used to be in house only, now span customers as well as demand cost-effective and secure interfaces. Smart phones and tablets changed the way we as users want to interact with software - be it our personal fitness trainer or an enterprise system. Supporting customer devices is a significant technical challenge in the incompatible eco-systems and the rapidly moving industry.

Traditional infrastructure, including (relational) databases, GUI frameworks and communication infrastructure can not fulfill these requirements and needs to be refactored taking state of the art technologies like Grids and HTML5 into account. 

MicroDoc is working with some of its enterprise customers to make this transition work using state of the art technologies like HTML5, MQTT and various mobile development platforms.



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