End to End Software Solutions

Based on our 20+ years experience in the IT industry, we can offer project services that cover planning, requirement analysis, architecture, implementation and test, production support and maintenance for complex software projects. We help you chosse the right technology, the right development process and an appropriate product life cycle management for your IT needs. Our extensive know how of cloud services and traditional backend systems, middleware and frontend technologies can help you make the right decisions.

Our main development platforms are

  • Server: Linux, Windows, zOS
  • Traditional Desktop: Windows, OSX, Linux 
  • Mobile Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Mobile

We look back on many successful projects in a large number of domains:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Airline and Travel
  • Automotive and Telematics
  • Industry Automation
  • Smart Building Technology
  • Utilities and Smart Metering

We're focussing on the selection of innovative and appropriate techology for each potential field of use and stay with the project until its operational and the value proposition has been achieved.

Contact us at +49-89-551-969-0 (CET Timezone) or here: Contact