Embedded, Mobile, Internet of Things

MicroDoc is actively working in the embedded and mobile space for more than 15 years. That is a valuable expericence with the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Embedded Runtimes

MicroDoc has started to create and deploy embedded runtimes in 1999. During these 15 years we have worked with customers from a large variety of industries including

  • Automotive
  • Telematics
  • Telecommunication
  • GSM Network Infrastructure
  • Building Automation
  • Smart Home
  • Smart Grid / Smart Metering
  • Mobile Computing
  • Airline
  • Traffic Management
  • Security Systems
  • Laser Technology
  • Education

Here are some interesting examples of our projects:

NXP ATOP (now owend by Telit)

We did a low level port of a JVM runtime system to the NXP ATOP - an integrated telematics platform that provides voice and data connection, GPS sensors, CAN Interface, local storage and an SDK for third party developers. The system is designed for minimal power consumption and was successfully placed in the market during the recent years.




Banksys C-ZAM Smash and C-ZAM Xenta (now owned by ATOS)

In close cooperation with the manufacturer, we ported a JVM runtime system to the C-ZAM family of credit card terminals. Besides the standard payment functions, the C-ZAMs offers an API and SDK for 3rd party apps to reside on the terminal. C-ZAM Xenta was the first Linux based payment terminal on the market.








We implemented a JVM runtime for a brokerage phone for BT (British Telecom). The Netrix system was designed to support hundreds of concurrent phone connections for the day-to-day business of brokers on the stock exchange. The devics contains multiple displays, and if stacked with extensions, virtually hundreds of buttons.






In a coopartion with AMD, Microsoft and IBM, MicroDoc provided a JVM runtime for the AMD PIC (quite some time ago) - a platform intended to serve as low cost internet frontend for developing countries. In addition to the VM, we also implemented an browser plugin to support a number of then popular applets.










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