Environmental, social and corporate governance

Corporate Social Responsibility

MicroDoc benefits from excellent working conditions in our locations and wants to contribute back to local and international communities. This social engangement is management driven. Local CSR projects are also run by our staff.

MicroDoc is supporting Deutsche Krebshilfe (German Cancer Association) for more than 10 years with recurring donations.

Wikipedia is a exceptionally useful and positive example for a crowd driven and crowd funded project. Since we’re using it on a day-to-day basis, we have decided to regularly donate to the Wikimedia foundation.

MicroDoc supports students with a scholarship program during bachelor or master studies through I.C.S. Find out more about I.C.S. on their website.

Sustainability/Environmental Awareness

MicroDoc is supporting the “Green IT” initiative and has included measures to save energy and reduce stress to the environment as part of the corporate operating procedures.

Sport Sponsoring

U-19 Team Auto Eder

MicroDoc unterstützt das U19-Radteam "Team Auto-Eder Bayern". Teammanager Ralph Denk, der auch das Profi-Radteam "Team Bora-hansgrohe" leitet, arbeitet mit aufstrebenden jungen Sportlern aus ganz Bayern und hat sein Team in den letzten Jahren zu beeindruckenden Ergebnissen geführt. Das Team Radsport repräsentiert einige der Kernwerte von MicroDoc, Engagement und Teamgeist. Ralph Denk hatte auch seinen Auftritt bei einem MicroDoc-Teamtreffen und erklärte die Ins und Outs von Teamarbeit und Teamgeist aus der Perspektive eines Radteams und hat eine bedeutende Überschneidung mit unserem Geschäft. 

MicroDoc Sport Teams

MicroDoc encourages the team to take part in sport and health activities. Over time MicroDoc employees formed a “MicroDoc Marathon Team” which took part in a couple of competitions as a relay team and with individual participants.

Global emissions must fall by 7.6% every year from now until 2030 to stay within the 1.5°C ceiling on temperature rises that scientists say is necessary to avoid disastrous consequences. One of Data Respons’ core values is to take responsibility, and we acknowledge that slowing down climate change is one of the greatest challenges we need to take on in our time.

At Data Respons, we believe that new technology is a key enabler for a more sustainable world. In fact, many of our projects are contributing through the innovation of smarter and greener technology solutions, leaving a lasting sustainable footprint.