MicroDoc has joind the Java Community Process in 2014 and was subsequently elected as a member of the JCP Executive Committe. Our CTO Hendrik Höfer is holding the seat as a primary representative for MicroDoc in the JCP EC and works on the board with a focus on software innovation and embedded Java. 



MicroDoc is an Eclipse Solution Member since 2006. MicroDoc contributes to the ERCP project and has organized a significant number of demo camps and Eclipse Days (mainly for the embedded space). Our CEO Hans Kamutzki was elected member of the Eclipse Board of Directors for five consecutive years and our CTO Hendrik Höfer was programm chain for Eclispe Con Europe in 2010.


OSGi Users Forum Germany

MicroDoc was a co-founder of the OSGi Users Forum Germany.



Gesellschaft für Datenschutz

Documenting our commmitment for responsible management of personal and business data and a 100% clean IP policy, MicroDoc joined the "Gesellschaft für Datenschutz" in 2011.