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MicroDoc signs strategic frame agreement with EnBW

Munich, July 2017

EnBW, one of Europe's leading integrated energy companies, and MicroDoc sign a strategic frame agreement for cooperation in software projects until 2020.

MicroDoc is a software licensor for Java technology and has been an engineering service provider for the highly innovative EnergyBASE project of EnBW since 2015. Our engineers support the development of complex software infrastructure for management of an energy mix comprised of solar power, battery storage and fixed network power grids. This technology portfolio will be of significant importance in the context of the fast growing electro mobility market. MicroDoc brings in relevant know-how from the energy sector, from smart home/home automation and especially from the automotive industry.

Java One Sumission Accepted: Surviving Immature Technology in IoT [CON3761]

Munich, July 20, 2017

MicroDoc's submission for the Java One presentation titled "Surviving Immature Technology in IoT" was accpeted by the program committee.

Please read the abstract and stay tuned for updates about  time and location:

"We want to control roomlight, temperature and playlists with speech-recognition and gestures, nearly every device in our households should play an active role in our private IoT universe. The product manufacturers however provide non uniform platforms, "creative" protocols, hardware related restrictions and undocumented behavior when we try to communicate and integrate with these devices. Within the last two years we developed a Java and OSGi based energy management systems that integrates solar panels, batteries and a variety of household appliances. This presentation describes the development process and the Java based development platform that helped us to overcome the problems with behavioral diversity while controlling IoT devices. "

MicroDoc's senior specialist
Thimo Koenig will be in San Francisco for the presentation.

MicroDoc Sportteam participates in Munich B2Run

Munich, July 14 2017

MicroDoc Sportteam participated successfully in the 2017 Munich B2Run. The team was formed by staff from the Stuttgart and Munich office.

MicroDoc team visits "Transport & Logistik" fair in Munich

Munich, 09.05.2017

Part of MicroDoc's telematics frontend development team went to the Transport & Logistik tradeshow in Munich to visit our customers today.
The show is a big success and telematics has finally become a booming business. Android and Java based solutions are all over the place.

Please contact us to learn about our telematics competencies: microdoc @

MicroDoc renews sponsorship agreement with U19 Bike Team

May 1 2017

MicroDoc has renewed the sponsorship agreement with the U19 bike squad of "Team Auto Eder". The team is managed by Ralph Denk, who also runs the porfessional World Tour Team "Bora-hansgrohe" with world champion Peter Sagen.

"IT projects and bike races have some similartities. Both require professional organization, a great staff of team players, endurace and the will to win. So we take pride to continue to support the U19 team" say Hans Kamutzki, Managing Director of MicroDoc.