Automotive and Telematics

MicroDoc's current domain focus in the Internet of Things space is Automotive and Telematics.

MicroDoc develops significant parts of an end-to-end telematics solution for FleetBoard - a Daimler company dedicated to innovate the truck telematic market. MicroDoc is the general contractor for the frontend and onboard application software, implements middleware components and provides backend services as well. MicroDoc has a 10+ years business relationship with FleetBoard and works towards the full Internet of Things integration in the telematic space.









MicroDoc also supplies JVM runtimes to a variety of telematic platform vendors and integrates runtimes on all kinds of devices. An outstanding example is the Telit ATOP (former NXP ATOP) device which is a standalone telematics platform, capable of executing eCall services and hosting third party apps.


MicroDoc also supplies JVMs and advanced runtime components to a number of automotive first tier suppliers which provide their devices to major European automakers.

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