Application Modernization

Are you running mission critical application in some legacy environment? Do you still have to use a feature frozen or unsupported programming language/environment? Is it getting more and more expensive to keep the system alive? Do you need a modern version of that solution, one that integrates into your B2B and mobile computing infrastructure?

There are numerous reasons why it is important to modernize existing applications: cost, functionality and skilled people

When thinking about modernization there are generally three options 

  • Complete Manual Rewrite
  • Automated Rewrite
  • Modernized Infrastructure

A complete rewrite is usually the most expensive and critical option, considering aspects like completeness of existing documentation, domain knowledge and migration.  These projects also tend to mix modernization, architectural change and functional enhancements which creates a complex mixture of requirements. The good side however is, that beside a modern programming language, state of the art architectures and technologies can be used.

Automated rewrite, also called transformation, is a technique where program artifacts and domain knowledge are programmatically captured from the existing solution and transformed into a new program. This is a proven and successful technology for certain kinds of source and target languages.  The downside is, that architecture transformation, e.g. from client/server to stateless Web or mobile apps, tends to get difficult.

Modernized infrastructure is a new, innovative approach to application modernization. The basic idea is, to leave the business logic and existing programs mainly untouched and to exchange the underlying runtime environment. Obviously there are a couple of advantages to this:

  • Investments in domain solutions remain untouched
  • Changing technology is less critical compared to rewriting a complete business solution
  • A state of the art runtime environment offers state of the art integration and operation environments

MicroDoc has a long-standing expertise in modernizing applications using all of the three options mentioned above.  
Barracuda is our latest product in the area of  “infrastructure modernization”.

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