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MicroDoc elected again for a seat in the Java Community Process Executive Committee

Munich, Nov 15 2016

MicroDoc was re-elected for a ratified seat in the Java Community Process Executive Committee.
Our Managing Director Hendrik Höfer will continue to serve as the prime contact for our work in the JCP EC.

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We want to thank the Java Community for their votes and will be working hard to support Java's success in the future.


2016 JCP Executive Committee Elections Nominations

Munich 13.09.2016

MicroDoc was again nominated for a seat in the JCP Executive committe.

Plesae contact our representative for the EC Hendirk Höfer if you have any inquiries about our EC work in the past two years.

Data Respons acquires MicroDoc from Germany – Strengthening their position within SW technology, digitising and IoT



Data Respons acquires 100 % of the shares in MicroDoc Computersysteme GmbH, a SW technology company in Germany with headquarters in Munich. The company has more than 50 specialists in SW development, Java and system design as well as SW solutions for IoT, mobile/network infrastructure and embedded applications.  

-  With this acquisition, we strengthen us within several key strategic areas at one time. It gives us a big boost in SW development capabilities, IoT and digitising for the group as a whole. We get a strong foothold in Germany within R&D Services with further offices in Munich, Berlin and Stuttgart. Last, but not least, it gives us access to a strong customer portfolio in markets such as Automotive, Smart grid/Smart Home, Banking/Insurance, IoT and Industrial Automation, says Kenneth Ragnvaldsen, CEO of the Data Respons group.

-  We are really looking forward to join forces with Data Respons. The company has a great match with MicroDoc's technology profile and culture. Both companies are developing future technology solutions in close cooperation with its customers. We recruit only the best talents and focus on specialists who are driven by new technology and are used to perform when developing complex solutions. Additionally, by joining forces, we can get access to even more innovative and exciting hi-tech projects, says Managing Director in MicroDoc Hans Kamutzki

-  I am so excited to welcome MicroDoc to the Data Respons family. Together, we have the best opportunities to take on new and game-changing assignments to create smarter digital solutions for the future, concludes Kenneth Ragnvaldsen.

 See the Data Repsons Website for more infos




JavaOne Presentation Accepted

Munich August 18, 2016

MicroDoc has submitted a paper to the JavaOne 2016 conference chair. The paper was accpeted and MicroDoc will hold a presentation Tuesday, Sep 20, 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. at the Hilton—Golden Gate 6/7/8

The session is called: Java SE Embedded 8 Runtime Optimization [CON3859]

Using Java in embedded systems can drastically improve developer productivity and opens up the embedded space for desktop developers with reasonable Java skills. At the same time, embedded systems regularly deal with resource constraints and performance issues at runtime, not very commonly encountered by most enterprise developers. This presentation explores configuration of the JIT and the garbage collector for optimized performance on embedded systems. It focuses on startup time improvements (via standard options and through nonstandard VM enhancements) and on class-data-sharing. The presentation includes real-world examples and some live demos with various embedded systems.

Come and meet us at JavaOne 2016




New Scholarship for I.C.S. Students

Munich, August 2dn, 2016

MicroDoc has participated again the in I.C.S. Scholarship program. The program is desigend to help excellent students to gain early access to real life working experience and helps them finance their studies. This year we chose two students from Munich's University of Applied Science. We welcome our new team members Vithya and Michael.